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Another Campus Life: Global Cafe`S
Jun Hyung-kyu Cub-Reporter Koo Ji-hyun Cub-Repor  |
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[0호] 승인 2011.12.08  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
Have you ever felt bored of campus life? Are you looking for something more interesting beyond your expectations? If my guess is correct, the place I am going to introduce now will provide you with a nice shelter where you can quench your thirst for a fun and exciting campus life. I am talking about a Global cafe S, which is located on the 4th floor at the Institute of International Cooperation Education.

The Global cafe S looks like an ordinary cafe where people drop by to relax and drink coffee. However, the moment you walk into this cafe, you will feel like you are in a different world. You can enjoy a pleasure of speaking English with new friends and sharing various topics and interests with them. Some of you might worry about your English capability. Do not worry. All you need is a bit of courage to have fun and mingle with people from diverse backgrounds. Even if you cannot speak English fluently, everyone in this place welcomes you as a friend.

With much expectations, we walked into the Global cafe S, where we met a lot of foreign students. When we asked one of them for an interview, he gladly accepted our proposal. His name is Amine Amor and he is an exchange student from Moracco majoring in Computer Science. He told us that everyone at the cafe was so kind and friendly and always greeted him with a smile! He even felt at home since people in the Global cafe S including Global cafe S keepers are like family to him. We could clearly see his affection towards the Global cafe S while we were interviewing him.

Here in the Global cafe S, there are several activities that students can enjoy and participate in with each other. When we were here, the event called ‘Halloweek’ was being held. The overall atmosphere of the cafe during this event was so much like a Halloween festival with spooky costumes and music as shown on attached pictures. Korean students as well as foreign exchange students were greatly interested in this event in the cafe. We talked to a Korean student who was having an enthusiastic conversation with foreign exchange students. His name is Koo Jae-hoon whose major is Economics. He said that the Global cafe S has given him a wealth of opportunities to practice English speaking. Koo Jae-hoon who is also known as a VIP guest of the Global cafe S, since he visits this place frequently, has a great passion of becoming a Global cafe S keeper and plans to apply for this position next year.

Speaking of the Global cafe S keepers, you might wonder, “What is the Global cafe S keeper?” The Global cafe S keepers are the people who run the Global cafe S cooperatively. We had an interview with one of the Global cafe S keepers whose name is Cho Seung-hee majoring in International Relations. We asked her what kind of qualities are required to be the Global cafe S keeper. She pointed out there are three crucial qualities: Sociability, eagerness to work as the Global cafe S keeper, and perseverance.

The Global cafe S keepers welcome new students from various majors and countries and what they really need here is to contribute in forming a cozy atmosphere where people can get along with each other. Furthermore, passion toward all the works they need to do in the Global cafe S is an integral part of the qualities Global cafe S keepers should keep in mind. As for perseverance, Seung-hee said, “Once you are determined to be the Global cafe S keeper, press on with persistence.” At the end of the interview, we asked her about one of her most memorable experiences in the Global cafe S. She answered without hesitation that all the experiences in the Global cafe S are special to her.

During an interview with students in the Global cafe S, we were grateful that such a place like the Global cafe S is on campus and thought that a lot of students would enjoy spending time here. The Global cafe S is a place for everyone. You are always welcome to the Global cafe S, so feel free to visit here anytime!
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