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Sei LEE, MIT proqramin Art, Culture and Technology
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[114호] 승인 2012.03.06  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

Please introduce yourself and the Media Lab Building to UOS students.
I’m in the MIT program in Art, Culture and Technology. This program is the master course of the production-based laboratory. I’m an artist and researcher. Sometimes, I lead team projects personally. When I introduce myself, I usually say this; I make narratives by weaving relationships among moving/still images, sonic units, and physical objects. In the Media Lab Building, there are not only Media Labs but also Comparative Media Studies, the List Visual Art center gallery and MIT Program in Art, Culture and Technology to which I belong. As you can see, we have a variety of programs and it is a good environment to study and research interdisciplinary projects. When doing team projects, students from their interdisciplinary study approach it with their own point of views. Together, we find value not just in the project’s result but in the process because we find the results through experiment and a lot of conceptualization. And so, conceptualization and experimentation become a fundamental resource for new projects.

How can we work and study like people from the Media Lab - Thinking creatively and blurring the line between study and living? How can we have that kind of attitude?
These days, all kinds of media, policy, and companies mention the importance of creative people. However, Although they emphasize the importance of creativity, “Being creative” cannot be the first goal when you start something. In my opinion, thinking creatively by blurring the line between studies cannot be a first goal. I think making the best of your mission can be a starting point when you start any activity, especially with passion and belief.
In my personal experience, I started studying literature, which leads to filming/editing, video art, and installation art, which finally lead to collaboration in the work process. All of things I mentioned above were natural extensions. I get really excited completing projects. And, curiosity about unfamiliar fields has leaded me to where I am today.

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