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Cantabile - An orchestra creates ‘harmony’
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[120호] 승인 2013.03.18  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

Have you ever heard of a violin, a viola, a cello, a flute, or an oboe? These names may sound familiar if you studied music during your middle school or high school days. Some of you may have even heard classical music like Vivaldi’s Le quattro stagioni (‘the four seasons’ in Italian). If you like to listen to classical music or want to learn one or more of these instruments, how about joining Cantabile, a campus amateur orchestra club at the University of Seoul (UOS)? I interviewed the president of Cantabile, Choi Seon-ah (Dept. of Public Administration, 12’).

What is the meaning of ‘Cantabile’ and how big is the club?
The word ‘Cantabile’ means ‘seems like singing,’ using an actual music score. Our club has been around since 2006 and I am the 7th president of the club. Our club has about 50 members in total, enough to make a full orchestra.

If some students want to join Cantabile, do they have to know how to play an instrument well?
The answer is no. Even if you do not know how to play an instrument, you can still join us. You can learn the instrument during the semester or vacation. The students of the Dept. of Music will teach and supervise you at a much cheaper price than at an academy. Therefore, if you want to learn how to play some instruments or just love to listen to classical music, do not hesitate. Just join us.

What does Cantabile do during vacation?
We practice throughout the vacations and go on trips together for practice and friendship. Because of this, usually students quit the club before they become juniors at the university. However, if you want, you can participate until you graduate.

What is the charm of the club?
I think it is the fact that the orchestra can make harmony. There are many individuals in an orchestra; they can be a violinist, a cellist and so on, who make different sounds. However, the sounds eventually come together and create something huge ? music that the audience can hear and feel. It is this mechanism that makes us shiver and entertains us. We also do voluntary services by holding concerts as a sort of talent donation. We are satisfied with the fact that we can raise donations through doing our favorite activities. These are some of the charms of Cantabile.

Last words for students who might want to join Cantabile.
Like I said before, if you love classical music or want to learn some instruments, just join us. You can both learn to play instruments and have a nice experience at Cantabile. Students who can already play the instruments are also welcomed. Our club is opened for any UOS students not only freshmen. We are getting ready to hold a concert for the incoming freshman students on March 10. We hold our regular concerts every spring and fall. We are all waiting for you!

All photos credited by Choi Seon-ah

Park Dong-yeol Reporter

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