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Jang Ye-sol Junior Reporter  |
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[124호] 승인 2013.11.18  
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The Big Bang Theory is an American sitcom which just began its 7th season on Sept. 2, 2013. Since its premiere in 2004, the Big Bang Theory has formed a wide fan base. The secret of its popularity is storylines based on everyday life: a common practice but not a platitude. Once you watch it, five main characters- three eccentric scientists: Sheldon, Leonard, and Rajesh; a perverted engineer: Howard; an attractive blonde: Penny- will begin to become familiar faces to you, like your old friends who are full of whimsy and often make you laugh out loud at their jokes. Since the Big Bang Theory features an omnibus composition, and does not ask for any knowledge about the real Big Bang Theory, newcomers can also easily understand the humor in the episodes even if they have not watched previous seasons before.

Season #7 Ep.02
Leonard, who left for a research trip, has come back three days ahead of time. He wanted to spend time with Penny in private ? they are dating ? so he hides the fact that he came back and does not tell anybody except Penny. In the meantime, his best friend, Sheldon, has overheard Leonard’s voice at Penny’s door, and he is questioning Penny’s fidelity.

Sheldon : I'm just distracted by something that happened over at Penny's.
Amy : What happened?
Sheldon : I fear Penny is being unfaithful to Leonard.
Amy : What?
Sheldon : She claimed to be alone when there was obviously someone else in her apartment. I have no choice but to assume the worst, given Leonard's lengthy sea voyage and her famously ravenous nether regions.
Amy : I don't think Penny would cheat on Leonard.
Sheldon : Oh, really? She and I once had a staring contest. She clapped really loud and made me blink. It's a small leap from there to sexual infidelity.
Amy : You're being ridiculous.
Sheldon : Amy, there were Chinese food containers.. in the trash can.
Amy : ….. Poor Leonard.

Sheldon has broken into Penny’s to catch her infidelity red-handed, and sees Leonard there.
Sheldon feels betrayed and turns sulky. The next morning, Sheldon bumps into Leonard.

Leonard : Good morning.
Sheldon : Hello.
Leonard : So am I driving you to work or are you still mad at me?
Sheldon : I'd like a ride. Assuming you actually do take me to work.
Leonard : Where do you think I would take you?
Sheldon : Who knows? Uh, you said you'd be home yesterday, but you came home three days ago. You say you're taking me to work, but for all I know, I'll end up in a deserted amusement park. Or a cornfield maze. Or a back alley dog fight. You tell me.
Leonard : I'm going to work. You can come if you want.
Sheldon : Okay. By the way, you have something on your shirt.
Leonard : No, I don't.
Sheldon : Hurts, doesn't it? You know, I find myself wondering if anything you've ever told me is true.
Leonard : I didn't make it back. The ship sank, I'm in hell.
Sheldon : You say you're from New Jersey, but how can I believe you?
Leonard : Why would anyone claim to be from New Jersey if they weren't?
Sheldon : All right, I'll give you that one.
Leonard : Hey, I said I was sorry. What else do you want from me?
Sheldon : I want you to admit that what you did was wrong.
Leonard : Fine. What I did was wrong.
Sheldon : I wish I could believe you.
Leonard : You know what? I'm not driving you to work, because you're incredibly annoying.
Sheldon : You say one thing and do the other, so then you are driving me and you find me a delight.
Leonard : Stop it.
Sheldon : Keep it up?
Leonard : Bye!
Sheldon : Hello!

distract ~의 주의를 돌리다 unfaithful to somebody ~ 를 두고 바람을 피우는 ravenous (욕망, 배고픔 등에) 굶주린 nether 아래의, 밑의 cheat on somebody ~를 속이고 바람을 피우다 staring contest 눈싸움 blink 눈을 깜박이다 leap 도약 infidelity 불충심, 불신심 You're being ridiculous 말도 안 되는 소리 하지마 alley 골목 You tell me 나는 모르겠다

Jang Ye-sol Junior Reporter

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