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Leaving The UOS Times After Nine Years in Editing Field...
Kim Hye-ryung Vice Editor-in C  |  parisienne314@uos.ac.kr
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[128호] 승인 2014.06.16  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

Editing may have been my calling. Ever since I entered the middle school to until now, I have spent about nine years making school magazine and newspapers. I worked as editor in school paper in middle school, and reporter of my high school English newspaper. And now, I am finishing up what-seemed-like-forever five semesters working as reporter and Vice Editor-in-Chief of one and only English media of the University of Seoul. Still, I call myself an amateur, but I was always proud that I have been very steady on what I was doing from adolescence.

But that did not mean I was never lost on the way. My dream has been changed over and over again as I grew up. Who does not? Everyone changes what they want to be as time pass by. I always had hardship finding what I wanted to do just like other Korean high school students who are captivated by getting good grades in Korean SAT’s. However, there was one thing I continued doing that never changed. Making school papers!

All those years of writing and editing, especially time in The UOS Times, made me realize what I wanted do for sure. I once thought, maybe I might want to be reporter. That was what everybody thought I wanted to be since I was doing almost same thing for about nine years. But here in The UOS Times, I met many different people, interviewees, new reporters, old reporters; I went through little society of the press all of which finally gave me second thought. What I loved was making something from my own hand. That led to decide to go for double majoring in visual design. I spent the last semester drawing, making portfolio and of course, making The UOS Times magazines.

Now, I am challenging myself to the field I never expected earlier, studying visual design. It took me about nine years. I never regret the lengthy time. Every little thing I learned in The UOS Times helped me to realize what I have been looking for my life. Therefore, I can proudly say that being a reporter of The UOS Times was one of the best things I ever done in my university life. Though I cannot say it was not easy three years, it was worthy experience.

It would be different to have other priority since I am now leaving The UOS Times, which used to be my No.1 thing to care for last five semesters. I already feel emptiness. But I would love to meet the readers of The UOS Times, not as reporter but in different position. Thank you for those who always read the magazine and I send the sincere farewell to everyone

Kim Hye-ryung Vice Editor-in Chief

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