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The Road Not Taken
Kim Soo-yeon Editor-in-Chief  |
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[129호] 승인 2014.09.01  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

Honestly, I never thought I was an editor-material or even a chief-material. My imperfections and shortcoming have let me down so many times in my life, so the thought of being in charge of the university press, The UOS Times, scared me more than anything. When the circumstances made me become the Editor-in-Chief, what made up my mind to do my best was not some confidence in my English skills or leadership which I know I do not possess. It was the fact that I have to provide the best environment for the reporters who gathered in The UOS Times to make the magazine in spite of the hard work. If we have to do it, we might as well as make the best out of it!

With Jeong Sae-hee by my side to help me at any times as a Vice Editor-in-Chief and with supports from dear fellow reporters, Ra Young-cheor, Ham Seul-ki, Lee Jun-hyeong, Lee Sang-yeop, Moon Hansol, and Park Ji-hye, I know I have courage to work in The UOS Times. Last but not least, I will never forget the former Editor-in-Chief, Kim You-jin, and the life lessons she gave me. I will try my best to follow her footsteps to make The UOS Times more enjoyable than ever.

The fact that I became the Edior-in-Chief in The UOS Times, truthfully, is not a big deal (it’s not like it’s becoming the President of Korea), yet it certainly is the Road Not Taken in my life. I hope, in the end, this makes all the difference.

In this issue, The UOS Times will discuss drinking in campus in our main article, the Cover Story. In Society, we give you survival tips for working holiday in Australia to make your plans impeccable. As entertainment, a trip to Ihwa Mural Village, an insight to AMICUS and our professors, our perky cheerleading Central Club, and another world in Skyrim are ready to be read any time. Please enjoy our magazine with heart-warming songs of Jason Mraz!

Kim Soo-yeon Editor-in-Chief

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