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Review on the Previous Issue by Peer-Reviewers
Kang Rae-hyun  |
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[130호] 승인 2014.10.22  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

Kang Rae-hyun / Dept. of Civil Engineering, '11

First of all, Campus News delivered diverse news of UOS, which I considered the best because it was not about serious topics but was for students, giving information closely related to students.
Closely analyzing the text, Cover Story was disappointing in terms of the relation between first and second paragraphs. The first paragraph starts with that the festivals without alcohol were proposed yet nullified and ends by saying The UOS Times will explore both agreeing and disagreeing sides of students regarding this matter. However, the second paragraph had no opinions of students but included another explanation as to why the festivals without alcohol were nullified.
However, graphic data of students’ opinions was visually good. Moreover, interviewing janitors who are deeply related to environmental issues on campus was unique and important in terms of the point of view.

Han Sun-mi / Dept. of Philosophy, '13

129th issue dealed with many diverse issues of wide range. Unlike the magazine just came out in the second semester, it showed its gravity and seriousness. It also showed that reporters worked hard during the vacation.
Cover Story personally was an article that gave me many is appointments. First of all, it did not cover the issue of campus drinking in many different views such as practical institutional side or the purpose of university. The article just visualized what people already know and did not show deep understanding or uniqueness of the issue. However, suggesting that the problem caused by campus drinking can be “litering” from janitors’ perspective was new.

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