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My name is Aisuluu and I came from Kyrgyzstan
Aisuluu Abdyrakmanova Exchange  |
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[131호] 승인 2014.12.10  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

My name is Aisuluu and I came from Kyrgyzstan. Most of you probably had a hard time figuring out where it is, so I will tell you that it is a small country in Central Asia with amazing nature and nice people like those in Korea.

"Everyone sings K-pop, all girls get plastic surgeres, and there is only super spicy food." This is how I expected Korea to be like before coming for an exchange program. Fortunately, I was very wrong; the culture is so unique, food is so great, and "ajumas" are so funny that I quickly fell in love with country. The diversity of Korean cuisine with amazing tastes such as super spicy "kimchi chige" and (here ypu will be shocked) the "dog meat stew" made me totally worry about missing it after returning back home. Friendly youngsters and funny "ajumas" contributed grearty to my experience in Seoul, especially when it was hard for them to explain things in English.

It was epic to see their angry but desperate faces (surely I will miss them too). Amazing sea port towns, home-like Busan, and vibrant Seoul with wonderful fall and really cold winter will definitely stay in my memory forever because they gave me a very unique feeling of friendship, peace, and harmony along with lively culture.

And at last, the activities that I did during my stay, gave me great opportunity to meet interesting and wonderful people. Salsa club, Latino, is what I joined upon arrival. Friendly atmosphere, nice instructors, wonderful music, and fun performance during the school festival were the things that greaty contributed to my understanding of Korean culture and values and beliefs. I hope to come back to Korea for Master's.

P.S. Contact me if you want to know more about clubs! Just kidding.

Aisuluu Abdyrakmanova Exchange Student

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