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The Inauguration Ceremony of New President
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[133호] 승인 2015.05.01  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

Mar. 24, the Inauguration Ceremony of New President, Won Yun-hi (former Prof. of Graduate School of Science in Taxation) was held in the Natural Science Building at UOS. Including Park Won-soon, Mayor of Seoul and Board President of UOS, many figures who have impact on UOS attended the ceremony. In the inaugural address, President Won promised to achieve four major missions which are ultimately anchored with the development of UOS.

That is, he insisted on (1) nurturing talents who possess zeitgeist and civic spirit, (2) developing learning environments sufficient to create social values, (3) providing as many volunteer activities to students, and (4) promoting the UOS financial ability.

With a new UOS slogan, “100 years of learning and sharing, UOS the pride of Seoul,” he asserted in his address, “I propose that all of us should make UOS the most desired university for students, the best university to send their children for the parents, the very university whose graduates the enterprises want to hire the most, and the most proud university for the citizens of Seoul,” Mayor Park appreciated the contribution of UOS to Seoul and promised to cooperate as much as he can for the development of UOS in his congratulatory address.

By. Moon Han-sol

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