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Han-sol Moon Editor-in-Chief  |
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[135호] 승인 2015.09.03  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

Sparkling with great sunshine, summer always has been my favorite season of the year. Summer’s Longer days allow me to have more experiences. Trees of summer give shades with their wooded green arms, provide me shelters for rest. The best thing is its fever. The energy of summer sun has tremendous power that always make my heart flutter. This summer, however, I cannot help but feel another kind of flutter, which is similar to one made by butterflies in stomach. The source of this flutter is responsibility with little bit of worry ─ coming from being a new Editor-in-Chief of The UOS Times.

For a year, I kept walking as a reporter of The UOS Times. I enjoyed writing my own articles and working with wonderful company. And here is another journey ahead of me now. Being an Editor-in-Chief would be not a convenient nor elegant work. There might be some hardships and difficulties. I am still just a beginner who should walk for tons of miles.

Nonetheless, I like to step forward with confidence. I had good experiences which could help me out under the former Editor-in-Chiefs. I have dependable company who would work together to overcome adversities. All of these things would lead me to right way.

Summer is often called as the “Season of the Youth.” Starting in this marvelous season, I am sure that this blessing experience as an Editor-in-Chief would illuminate my youth.

In this 135th issue, The UOS Times arranged students’ opinion on the changing grade retake policy in Cover Story. In Society, we prepared the way to become a political doer as a university student. For those who seek for composure, we suggest you a short trip to nearby park as a body relaxation and movie the Pianist as a mind relaxation. In addition to these, interviews with a volunteering club and a famous architect are also introduced in this issue. For last, a trendy American drama, Modern Family¸ will help you out with routine English. Come and check it!

Han-sol Moon

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