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[135호] 승인 2015.09.03  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

Different from previous issues, the topic of Cover Story in this issue was really intriguing. However, I am afraid the scale of the article was too broad to cover everything. “How have People Defined Love throughout History” in the introduction part was boring. The structure of this article was good as it starts with the common state of these days, backed up with the survey. Conclusion part was also satisfying. I enjoyed this article since it had close relations with university students.
Society had good introduction and body part, but the conclusion was awkward. I could not see association between “sentenced to jail” and “vicious cycle created by using negative language.”

Seung-rok Baek
Dept. of Computer Science, ’15

Cover Story of this issue had hackneyed topic, and the conducted survey was also common in other articles and SNS. I could agree to overall flow of the article, but it lacked originality. Reading this article was like confirming what I already can expect. The survey result about “having sex before marriage” was pretty much interesting, though. The title and topic clearly signified “free love,” but the article actually held more contents about sexual inequality. This Cover Story was too serious that even sounded like an academic journal.
The topic of Society was necessary enough to be dealt with, but it seemed like a little late the time. It would be better if it gave other up-to-date examples.

Won-gyeong Lim
Dept. of Computer Science, ’15

Junior Reporter

Hye-joon Suh

Hi, my name is Hye-joon Suh and it has almost been six months since I came into The UOS Times. Starting as a cub reporter, I went through many new experiences; there were tough points, and also amazing ones. One of the exciting points that I want to tell you is… “I became a junior reporter!” I’m looking forward to have more new chances from working as the junior reporter. I also hope that there will be more contact with you, UOS students! Have a nice day !

I n-young Joung

Then I remembered the first lesson The UOS Times had taught me: "Learn what dwells in writing." And I understood that in writing dwells Love! I was glad that The UOS Times had already begun to show me what it had promised, and I smiled for the promotion.

Moon-joo Lee
When I decided to be the member of The UOS Times, I made my decision without much thinking. However, as I become a junior reporter, I feel much more responsibility than before. I should, and will improve my writing skill as I want to maintain my happy life in The UOS Times. It's such a pleasure to be a junior reporter!

Shin-ho Ahn
I Knew If I Stayed Around Long Enough Something Like This Would Happen!

Young-eun Choi

It has been only two months working as a cub reporter, and it is quite awkward being a junior reporter to me. It is scared to have this position in such shorter time than other cub reporters, but also excited to get promoted. Rather than bragging and being proud of myself, however, I will study much harder to meet the demands of The UOS Times and my position, junior reporter.

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