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Rock Your Donation and Rolling in Hot Fever
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[136호] 승인 2015.11.19  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

Do you remember the Baebong Rock Festival on May 20, 2015? The weather was pretty hot, even though it was late spring. Baebongtang was hotter, as well, because the students of the University of Seoul (UOS) heating it up as Close-up, the 2015 student council, provided a venue for the Interdepartmental Band Collaborative (UOSIBC). UOS students were able to enjoy a rock concert without going anywhere off-campus. And now, UOSIBC is planning to hold a fundraising performance this semester. They are currently rehearsing and perfecting their performances for the UOS. The UOS Times followed them and discovered a bit of what are they doing. Come with us! It’s time to rock!

JaParty in Baebong Rock Festival
TiR in the charity performance last year

The fundraising concert was originally designed by Byeongshin gatjiman Meosisseo, or “BM” for short, a group of rock musicians from the College of Natural Science, whose name translates in English. We are awesome though we look like an idiot.” Their name may have sounded funny, but they were up to something serious: they hoped to go far beyond a mere rock festival by contributing to the local community, and they also intended to promote the cultural life of UOS students. Bands from other departments showed interest in BM’s ideas and suggested a joint performance. BM accepted it, and that was the beginning of the concert. They started making specific plans with the 50th Student Council, Empathy Plus (Gonggam Deohagi). The whole concept looked explosive, and all profits were to be donated. To continue in the same spirit, a third fundraising performance will be held in 2015, too.

■ What ...................... 3rd charity performance
■ When? .................. November 17, 18:00~21:00
■ Where? ................ The Birch Hall (Jajakmaru)
■ How much? ....... Advanced: 3,000 won / On site: 4,000 won
■ Who? ..................... Bark / Lounge / TiR / Panpyrin / JaParty / PUB / Thrash-AL / Zephaniah

There are three main purposes for this show. The first is to help develop cultural content at the UOS. This was the original goal when BM first came up with the idea, and UOSIBC provided a fundraising source to make the festival more meaningful. To draw more students’ attention, this year’s rock-fest will be held during make-up week.

Second is to improve opportunities for UOS bands, especially those from smaller departments and colleges. For these bands, it is hard to practice and perform because of the shortage of space and the lack of support. Some of these clubs do manage to perform, but concerts are expensive. BM and U-CLAC - the band of the Dept. of Chinese Language and Culture- spent 70,000 won per band member for recent performances). With these constraints, there is no good opportunity to show off the talents of their colleges. With Student Council support, UOSIBC is expecting more active participation.

Last but not the least, charity is the most important reason. All profit from the performance will be donated to a local orphanage. Thus, this concert is one of UOSIBC’s ways to contribute to the welfare of social minorities. The event will have even more meaning to the people being helped because of the participation of the bands, the Student Council, and the faculty.

In a decision taken during summer vacation, UOSIBC set the date for the third fundraising performance to be November 17. Bark, the band of the College of Business Administration, is directing the concert, with tasks assigned to nine bands, including themselves. From negotiating for a venue to making posters and other promotional materials, all bands are working hard. Bark made a project proposal, submitted it to Close-up and school authorities, and received a positive response for their support. Meanwhile, U-CLAC and JaParty, the band of the department of Computer Science, reserved Birch Hall, while Panpyrin, the band of the Department of Industrial and Visual Design, designed posters, with additional duties assigned to other bands.

Group picture of UOSIBC after the concert
UOSIBC overcame the problem through the meeting

Ppu-ri Song (’14, Dept. of Business Administration, Bark) is managing overall plans for the event. The UOS Times asked her some questions.

Q How do you feel while you’re preparing for the event?
A It was a hard start at first because the budget problem constantly hindered us, and there was even a bit of a crisis when we thought that we could not hold the performance. However leaders from each band and Close-up helped a lot, and they enabled us to move forward without additional problems. I felt grateful, and even quite joyful about this. I still have a feeling of heavy responsibility, and also limitation, but then my hunger for offering a great performance is even greater. I will do my best!

Q Are there any differences in feeling between last year and this year?
A I took part in the concert as a drummer last year. My heart fluttered on and on, and there was only one thing in my mind, finishing my part without any trouble. Now I have developed my playing in the last three months, and my horizons have expanded. I hope that not only Bark, but every band will play successfully.

Q What can Ji-on orphanage and UOS students can get from this event?
A Unlike last year, we are holding a lecture about child welfare and a Taekwonmu by children from orphanage at the beginning of the festival. Audience members and performers can both take some time to consider donation. It will also be a meaningful ceremony for performers in the sense that they will see how they are helping and delighting others, not just enjoying themselves.

UOS students are enjoying the fever
UOSIBC has gone through many ups and downs to make this gig successful. They nearly lost funding from the Student Council at one point, but through considerable effort to persuade not only the student council, but also school authorities, they were able to get the funding they need. They have also gained confidence in themselves. All that’s left is to practice for their performances. We can all look forward to the concert, with rock and roll fever filling Birch Hall! Come, enjoy, and oblige!

Sang-yeop Lee

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