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[137호] 승인 2015.12.22  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

Are you interested in environmental issues? Through the media, we constantly encounter news about the environmental issues such as global warming, air pollution, endangered species. Then have you ever think about “what can we do for the environment?” In the University of Seoul, we have someone who can solve your concerns. Their name is, you might have heard of it, “Noksaeksidae Volunteers” [in English, Green Generations, henceforth GG].

Have you ever saw the students who are doing campaign with their green vest? They are the very volunteers. GG was established as one part of 2013 Green Campus Project, running 7th volunteers to date. By working on various campaigns, - reducing leftover food, recycling, avoiding disposable products, etc. - they are taking a leading role in making green campus. Did you see the green stairs in Student Hall? [Check the first picture below] This was the Campus Earth Walk campaign encouraging students to use stairs rather than elevator. The second picture is showing the Weather Marching Event in Nov. To celebrate Conference of Parties (COP21) to the Convention on Climate Change held in France, Paris from November. 30 to December. 11, Weather Marching 2015 was held in Cheonggye Plaza, Seoul. This event gave people opportunity to think about earth once more, while taking actions with citizens of world against the global warming. So then, as main generation of future, what can we do to stop global warming?

Carbon Footprints

You might have heard of the term “climate change.” Climate change means the earth’s temperature going up because of increasing greenhouse gas which made from human activity. Due to this change, disasters such as severe drought and heat wave are happening around the world. These problems of climate change were used to be regarded as not-my-business, but they became closer to us starting to affect directly. Thus, we need to reduce CO2 emission, the biggest enemy of climate change. Carbon footprints help us measure the amount of emitted CO2 daily life. Here, we are going to follow a student’s carbon footprints: The picture in the next is showing quantity of CO2 that exhausted in a month from the routine. The student could keep 18kg of CO2 by using public transportation instead of private car. However, as the student left the electronic devices turned on, made leftover food, and forgot to recycle, 1.8kg of CO2 created, and seven trees should be planted to offset this. If every student has habits like the student above, the impact on earth would be tremendous.

In Our Daily Life
People often act skeptically as they think they could be an exception on environmental matter. Nonetheless, Korea ranked world 7th and OECD 6th of CO2 emission rate in recent research, which is not a low position. This ranking tells us that we, Korean also attributed to global warming. Therefore, we need to work on to save earth. How about start from little things to reduce CO2 in daily life?

▲ Stairs are more eco-friendly than elevator
▲ GG volunteers marching for the earth
▲ Volunteers, way to go!

Gyu-won Seo

all photos by Noksaeksidae Volunteers

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