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Non-smoking Program in UOS
Jung Jae-in  |
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[145호] 승인 2017.12.04  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

There are many smokers in the campus of the University of Seoul (UOS). As all people know from the tons of research, smoking is not good for health. But also, students who smoke say that it is hard to quit smoking. Due to the substance included in cigarettes, smoking is addictive to people. For these students, UOS provides special program called “Non-smoking Program”.

Introduction about Non-smoking Programs
Non-smoking Program has two programs in specific. They have same contents, but there are several minor different elements. First, the hosts of the programs are different. Seoul Tobacco Control Center participates in one program and Dongdaemun-gu Health Center take part in another. Second, each programs’ operating hour is not the same. The program run by Seoul Tobacco Control Center starts at 10 a.m. and finishes at 4 p.m. Another program operated by Dongdaemun-gu Health Center runs from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Lastly, Dongdaemun-gu Health Center provides program for faculties and students. But, Seoul No Smoking Support Center gives programs only to students. And students can participate each program biweekly. Programs managed by Seoul Tobacco Control Center comes at UOS only on Mondays at the third and fifth week of each month, program by Dongdaemun-gu may be changed the schedule, it will be great to check notice on UOS’s website.
In this article, The UOS Times will introduce programs run by Seoul Tobacco Control Center. But remember that the Dongdaemun-gu offers same materials with this program.

Non-smoking Bus in UOS
Seoul No Smoking Support Center comes to UOS by bus. This bus is called Non-smoking Bus. When it visits the campus, a Non-smoking bus is parked in front of Main Auditorium. The UOS Times interviewed one of the counselors staying on the bus to help students who want to quit smoking.
In a Non-smoking bus, students can get various advice from the professional counselors. Before getting specific advice for each student, they should fill out a form to get counseling. After that, students should take two kinds of tests that show how much they smoke and how much they are addicted to smoking.

Nicotine Dependency Test
First, students who visit Non-smoking bus should take Nicotine Dependency Test. This test tells students how much they are addicted to smoking. The test is done by the survey that has questions like a history of smoking and how much they smoke a day. The total number of points on this test is 10. If student’s score is from zero to three, counselors can assume that he or she can quit smoking with just counseling. Then, he or she does not have to get other medical assistants. However, if student’s score is more than four, he or she is really addicted to smoking. Those students are called “heavy smoker”. Counselors recommend them several kinds of medical assistant to help them when they try to quit smoking. Also, a dosage of those medical assistant varies from student to student. Therefore, deeper consulting is needed when students choose to have the medical assistant.
“Most of the students in university do not have long experience of smoking. Therefore, they usually get the scores under three. However, some students who start smoking early or smoke more than other students get high scores on this test. The test gives information about nicotine dependency of students. It is the best way for us to give a specific and effective solution to each student.”

Testing Carbon Monoxide
After finishing Nicotine Dependency Test, students test how much carbon monoxide is inside of their body. Unlike Nicotine Dependency Test done by survey, the participants have to blow measuring apparatus this time. For this test, students have to inhale deeply and blow strongly to the measuring instrument. Test result does not give specific data that how much he or she smokes. But, it gives assumption to a counselor that the higher carbon monoxide is, the more he or she smokes. Students who do not smoke get under two ppm when they finish this test.
“This test is not quite accurate. Some non-smoking students get higher results similar to students who smoke. We assume that these students inhale second-hand smoke. When we did the campaign for quitting smoking around smoking places, we got high score too. Although this test does not give a precise result, we use the result because it gives information whether student smokes recently. The score gets lower and lower from the last time of smoking. And it is best for checking students to make a success of quitting smoking.”

Nicotine: Nicotine makes people feel awakened when they consume it. However, great amount of nicotine can be poisonous and may kill people. The worst part of nicotine is that it is most addictive substance in the cigarette. Most smokers are hard to stop smoking due to nicotine addiction.

Carbon Monoxide: Carbon monoxide is gas without smell or color. Cars also emit gas including carbon monoxide. Unlike nicotine and other substance cigarette that cause addiction, carbon monoxide is not addictive substance. However, when it goes inside body, it prevents our cells from moving oxygen through our body, which is harmful.

Alternative Remedies - Nicotine Patch and Gums / Candies
Quitting smoking is not an easy thing to success even if the one has a strong will. In cigarette, there are great amount of substances that make smokers addicted to it. Therefore, it will be helpful for students to get assistance with the nicotine patch, gum and candy. There are three kinds of nicotine patch based on how much nicotine they contain. If student smokes more than others does, and is very dependent on smoking, he or she should use nicotine patch that has more amount of nicotine. Nicotine gum and candy help students to hold smoking when they want to smoke. Chewing or eating something make them forget about the willingness of smoking. In the non-smoking program, students can get these kinds of medical assistants for free.
“As I mentioned above, when students got high scores on Nicotine Dependency Test, we recommend them to try nicotine patch. However, students feel irritated about it because they have to attach it to their bodies every day. So, most of the students just use gum or candy with a willingness to successfully quitting smoking. But due to withdrawal symptom, I recommend using a nicotine patch .”

Counseling consists of these procedures. After that, students can get consulting by phone also. If they fail and go back to smoking, counseling will be done right after. However, even after this failure, students choose to quit smoking again, they can enroll this program again.
“There are about 50 students in UOS who enrolled in this program. As all students know, smoking is not good for health. And I understand that it is hard to stop smoking only by oneself. I hope students to get help with this Non-smoking bus and get healthy again.”
Non-smoking bus comes to UOS on Mondays biweekly. Students can visit whenever they want to, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. All those steps of consulting do not take a long time, but they will be a great help for students. The UOS Times hopes students to get help from Non-smoking Programs in UOS and succeed to stop smoking for the health of themselves and the ones who suffer second-hand smoking.

Jung Jae-in

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