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[145호] 승인 2017.12.04  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

Cover Story: Did You Miss Me(al)?

Nowadays, most of students usually skip meals. This article analyzes what takes University of Seoul (UOS)'s students away from having a healthy diet and, furthermore, suggests solutions and some tips. This article says the causes of these bad eating habits are a lack of money and time. Team projects that force students to sacrifice and rearrange their schedules for group activities also make it difficult to form the right eating habits. In addition, bad eating habits cause many problems. You can find specific information throughout this article. It also suggests an interesting solution: make a community. By creating a community, we can provide motivation towards healthy eating habits. This reminds me of the importance of forming good eating habits. I recommend this article to very busy UOS students who want to eat properly. This article will be useful for them.

Society: Love the Way You Are

We tend to be extroverts because it seems popular with many people and advantageous towards getting a job; extroverts seem likely to be active in classes and good at interviews. According to this article, many introverted students worry about their personality. However, in contrast to the beliefs of many people, being an introvert or an extrovert does not determine success and, furthermore, some traits of introverts could become strong points. For example, this article shows examples of famous and successful introverts. This was really novel to me. So, if you are worried about having an introverted personality, read this article!

The Place: Seoul, and the Library

Patriot An Jung-geun once said that “If I don’t read even a line a day, I’ll have a thorn grow in my mouth”. However, these days most students seem to have this thorn because they do not read books. Why not go to the library and enjoy some time reading? This article shows pictures of various libraries and explains the location and characteristics of each one. It recommends Samcheong-dong Library. This library is located in the middle of Samcheong-dong Park, and unlike other libraries, which require visitors to be quiet, people there can talk or take pictures. Libraries are not just for reading books, but there are many other interesting things to see when visiting libraries in Seoul. It is useful to know information about these libraries in Seoul.

Opinion: Sins and Responsibilities

Recently, there was a very big problem in Korea, and subsequent actions made people angry because they didn’t accept the responsibility for their sins. As this problem shows, many people try to avoid their responsibilities by exercising unjust power and neglecting important duties before finally ending up in jail. This article criticizes these behaviors and emphasizes responsibility, self-reflection, and a sense of guilt. In addition, people cannot avoid being responsible for what they have done. If everyone has this in mind, the world would be a better place.

Park Mi-hee
Dept. of International Relations, '16

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