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The International Food Festival
Onicah Ntswejakgosi  |
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[149호] 승인 2018.12.10  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
Many Participants Enjoying Several Cuisine

The International Food Festival was held on October 25 at the front gate of Chennong Hall. As part of the 100th anniversary commemorations of UOS, this event was one of the major activities organized by the university, and was exclusively held for our international students. International students were given the opportunity to form teams of five or more people of the same nationality and create a menu of their traditional food, which they would cook and serve at the festival. Many students from more than eight countries showed interest in participating in the food festival. Before this feast, the Institute of International Cooperation and Education (IICE) held two orientations at which they discussed the logistics of the festival with all the registered teams. The students had to make a budget and present it to the IICE, and money was then given to each team to buy the ingredients they needed for food preparations. The amount given to the students varied per team, determined by each team’s budget.

Each team was given cooking materials and a food booth. The festival started off with an opening ceremony featuring a representative from each team coming together to make one big traditional Korean dish, known as bibimbab, which was served to all the people present at the festival. The international students then prepared their dishes, and anyone was free to visit any booth and taste the food free of charge. In order to encourage the participants to do their best, there was a sticker board that was created for people to put a sticker for the booth they regarded as the best after tasting everything.

In the end, the three regions with the most stickers were Taiwan, Vietnam and Africa, in that order. The winning countries received vouchers, while some of the food from the booths was also served at the centennial anniversary reception held later that night, enabling ambassadors and distinguished guests from different countries to have a taste.

Reported by Onicah Ntswejakgosi

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