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[152호] 승인 2019.09.18  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

Campus News: About Rabbit Foot

Hearing this word first in Campus, I wonder meanings of this. In Mission Impossible III the villain said all the time the power of Rabbitfoot, But it never showed through running time. I expected to reveal why this start-up club select this as name. But it is still in mystery. Most start-up club are focusing on one project to succeed, leading to involuntary participation to someone. But this is not obsessive to one project, So everyone can really enjoy move for their sake for succeed. All reader could catch this point, and this may lead to surge of applicants for ‘RabbitFoot.’

Focus on UOS: Eotvos Lorand University (ELTE)

When I search for exchange student for Europe, Hungary came to me with beauty. At that time, unfortunately, there was no sufficient information about that, so I gave it up to submit my permission papers. This article shows lots of points which are so attractive that I can’t help but remind my permission paper. Reading this article, I could feel as if I’m in the ELTE. Thanks to kind explanation that pioneer of ELTE, I’m deeply consider to challenge for exchange student for ELTE. I hope this article can help students who hesitate to apply ELTE because of same worry as I did.

Cover Story: interview of international students

As I know, International students can register class whatever they want at any time. According to this article, I found that they are same line as we do. We also have trouble in registering classes because of lacking tips such as multiple-internet pages. If this goes on and on, Problems are going to be bigger. So, I think that ‘Student Council’ whose name of ‘YEL-IL’ consider to issue guidance of tips with English as well as Korean. Thanks to this article, I hope all students including international student never experience unfairness by information gaps.

Society: About Brexit

Before reading I have no idea about ‘Brexit.’ I thought it is just for preventing surge of workers from other countries from flowing in UK to protect their citizen. According to this article, I can grasp that this matter is related with tremendous factors. Also, I didn’t know ‘Brexit’ could impact on Korea’s economy. So, we have to begin to pay attention to ‘Brexit.’ There is sharp conflict between Hard side and Soft side, I think we keep eyes on this matter deeply. We should consider which side wins and consider the influence of decision of House of Commons.

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