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A Silent War - As Re-editing The UOS Times
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[0호] 승인 2004.09.01  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
A war broke out. There is no time to lose. It is a silent war. A man keeps up with the flash of ideas clicking the shutter and writing down a note enthusiastically.

Publishing a magazine requires reporters to burn the midnight oil. We, reporters, are always trying hard to write down more interesting and life-like articles based on the data we have collected and going through an exhaustive meeting after another. The reporters always think about new and creative items till their hair falls out. They write and rewrite the articles again and again but till they feel satisfied.

This is my third year as a reporter since I decided and entered The UOS Times with dread. I searched for the topics agreeable to student reporters and interviewed people. That was a hard and also worthwhile time to me. Many events have passed in school as well as in the world. And even at this moment, reporters are searching topics and writing down articles somewhere having both hard times and fulfilling times.
For the 83rd issue, all of The UOS Times reporters have given their best shot. Every name of the kickers has been remade and the design of magazine has been changed.

We also tried to improve the quality of the magazine rather than quantity. The Reportage wrote about the May Day. The reporter went out in the field to feel and experience the May Day by herself. And the interview with our President for the first anniversary changed the misconception that the President was an uneasy person.

I feel burdened with huge responsibility when I take my first step forward to make the magazine acknowledged as a great magazine not only inside of the school but also outside of the school. I dream for the magazine to grow constantly as all the reporters will devote their health and youth to its excellence.
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