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When the Sunlight Sprout Love?
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[0호] 승인 2004.09.09  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
World-famous generals thought that the weather and season are very important in the war. First, when they try to shoot an incendiary arrow, it needs a back wind, dryness, and it should not be snow or rain.

And if the weather is too cold or hot, soldiers’ morale is fallen and it is hard to fight. In this way, the weather and season are regarded as an essential element in the real war. The weather and season are critical in the relationship between men and women as well as war.

A marriage information company says the spring and the fall are good seasons for the men and women to escape from single lives. According to a statistical data both men and women are interested in the opposite sex in there reasons.

So average 350 people consult about marriage a day, the rate of women among them, average 210 people, is high with 1.5 times than men. Meanwhile men’s rate is occupying as 75%, average 320 consultation cases in the fall. Like this what is the reason that the season makes men and women look for the other sex not at the same time?

That proves how those various interior and exterior elements had an effect on human action. Approaching a biologic element we can find a human hormonic effects. First, let’s check about the hormone. This comes from Greek meaning, ‘remind’. It plays a role as a messenger which delivers signals to cells and tissues. It is necessary to control the physical functions.

And there are hormones that characterize men and women. It is divided into male and female hormone. Androsterone, one of the men’s hormone, prompts a secondary sex characters-on a spermatic sac, a prostate, a penis, a epididymis etc. and restrains gonadal hormones of anterior pituitary hormone. Female hormone is called as ovarian hormone. There are two kinds of it: estrogen flows from a follicle and progesterone from a corpus luteum. In medical science, estrogen is referred as female hormone.

Estrogen is an estrus hormone that encourages the growth as a woman and makes her look more ladylike. Progesterone antagonize the estrous hormone and control the sexual excitement. Substances working as estrous hormone is generally called estrogen, which is originated from a compoundword of Greek, oestros, ‘sexual desire’ and ,gennao, ‘occur’.

For now we look through hormone that builds feature of men and women’s external form. It is time when men with a sexual attraction desire for women and when matured women search for men. To begin with conclusion the fall is men’s season, wherever the spring is the season for women. Firstly, this is concerned with Melatonin. Melatonin is secreted in internal glands which is a back of craniate, a pineal gland.

A pineal gland can receive light which passes and enters through cephalic skin. Therefore, it senses photoperiod such as nighttime and daytime or season’s changing and produces melatonin which takes part in reproducing activity of some years or weeks. Especially, when the density of melatonin in its reproduction, melatonin controls the development of reproductive cell and do countermeasures when it is low.

Under the effect of melatonin, secretion amount of sex hormone becomes vary depending on the daylight and then the time of finding the other sex is changed. Second, because strong spring sunbeam promotes the secretion of women hormone than men, there have been many cases that women find men in the spring.

While, if it gets the season-fall, men’s hormone secretion is prosperous and thyroid hormone of brain that causes anti-gloom effect is physically diminishes because the secretion of neurotransmission materials of brain such as noepinepeurin, serotonin, GABA increased. Therefore, there are more cases for man to find women. These effects are showed in men’s and women’s appearances in spring and the fall separately.

In spring, women bodies concentrate on adorning herself than any other ordinary times, and do various kinds of decoration and wear dresses looking more luxurious and demonstrating her beauty. Men have good feelings to the spring women. In fall, men feel solitude but by straightening up collar of a coat that can work in a solitude and silent mood.

Then, women like to see men’s working hard and falls in love with the ones. Therefore, women are easy to bail out of single life in the fall, while men are easy to get closer to women in the spring. The weather and season are an important element in all war. The weather and season are important in war with Cupid’s arrow of love as well as the war with guns and swords.

If there is a person whom you have been crushed on, it is a strategy to ask the woman out in spring and in the case of men, fall is good time. Or you can have a good result by applying your own weather strategy.
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