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[0호] 승인 2004.12.07  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
What is the most important in shopping? Most of people, including you, may consider that the brand value may be one of the most important factors. It’s no doubt.

People put more value on the brand which is estimated as of high, and they want to show off themselves by the brand. Nowadays, universities also have joined a competition line among the campus’ brands. To raise their brand value, the campus must do Public Relations (PR) activities. The strong wind blows in a university campus. In Korea, we cannot disregard the university’s value.

The commodity recognized as high creates good quality just as the university that is estimated high makes excellence. The higher UOS brand’s value the more it grows in our school. These days, the UOS is trying to do the positive support and also investing on PR. This effort plays a significant roll.

However, we think that the PR activity is not enough. Let me ask you questions. What can we do for our school’s PR activity? Do you voluntarily become active in publicizing your school before you blame other people or school?

Neither the university nor the students make an effort, but the students satisfy the need that the school fails to do. The university should also put much effort in the PR programs for their students. As a result, the university can reveal their power intra and internationally.

For example, we can take the expense in a grand meeting that we participate voluntarily. Also, we can become a famous entertainer or the Olympic athlete. As a matter of fact, these activities connect directly with the university PR. We can get to serve as a journalist in Daehaknaeil with our school’s name.

Moreover, we can achieve our goal through the Dongari activities and extend them to other universities. The PR activity which sets a good image and gives the development of our university closely links to the growth. The university’s duties are supporting students with international exchange or specializing major programs.

I consider the PR activity as the function called f(x). If the input exists, the output also exists. We aren’t only expecting the output that is the earnest yearning of ours to have a high university value.
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