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[0호] 승인 2005.07.07  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
While you are surfing the Internet you can come across unwanted pop-ups, advertisements, lewd scenes, and Web sited provoking suicide. These give stress to users.

Especially teenagers experience considerable shocks from indiscriminate pop-ups. These sites deprive us of rights to enjoy the internet. You have a right to use the internet without interruptions. If you want to live in peace, you can use programs, free or share trial version, like these.

Pop-up Killer

When you surf the Web, lots of pop-ups slow down the loading speed as well as circuit’s speed of the internet. This program works through the window tray and stops pop-ups from being created. If you install a Pop-up Killer, it is registered as a tray icon which is among the opening menu of the setup.

In this point you can see a list of pop-ups and select options to start this program automatically or stop functions. Pop-up Killer supports almost all browser - IE, Netscape(v3.x and over), Opera, Neoplanet, Mozilla and MSN Explorer. So if you want to use this program, you can download at or for free. Once you execute a downloaded file, it is installed automatically.

Pop-up Stopper

This is a program to block up annoying pop-ups, too. Running the program is really easy. Once you practice this program, it is located on tray. And if you put it on the right of taskbar and select the option of “Do Not Allow Browser Pop-up Windows”, it is possible to make use of the Internet.

Also You have the right to disable Pop-up Stopper by choosing the “Disable” option or bypass it by holding down the shift key. This program is available at IE and Netscape, You can download at or free of charge, either.


This program is very useful especially for children since it blocks in advance sites showing harmful scenes of sex, violence, and suicide. What it does is the filler out them.

First, its special function of this is that you can use the newest version and be offered bad site database by the searching robot easily. Second, this filtering program has the part-blocking function upon user’s definition.

So it can prohibit Internet sites including specific words and URL. Third, you can arrange your time for surfing the Internet by setting the options. Fourth, you can keep the records of your computer’s blocking and you can save them as a text document, excel or spreadsheet.

Fifth, the Jikimi provides a retrievable function of storing bad documents, images, mpeg files and files stored in harddisk. Sixth, it guarantees the safety of the network and speed. Finally, it supports not only internet browsers like Internet Explorer 5.0&5.5, Netscape, Opera and NeoPlanet but also browsers like chollian, netsgo, unitel and channel-i. And it guarantees consistent upgrading of new browsers.

The user can finish the installation by inserting Jikimi’s CD into the CD-ROM drive. If you want to get this filtering program, connect the

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel is an Internet filtering software like programs mentioned above which blocks sex, drug and violence related sites. This program keeps more than 250,000 obscene sites and the pro searcher can find a lot of bad sites. Users are offered contents of high quality without downloading new lists. Moreover, the operator can register both blocking and nonblocking sites. For example, if you register http://www.plustech. on the bad sites’ list, though it is good site, it will be blocked. As it is installed automatically, parents can use easily. It supports IE, Netscape, Opera, Unitel, Chollian, Hitel and Nownuri and you can download it at
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