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I Want to Be a Stranger to Someone, Somewhere
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[0호] 승인 2006.06.07  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
Jang, Chimoon
Deputy Director, Students Affairs

Sometimes, it suddenly occurs to me that I want to enjoy travel without being concerned about work. I think that it is necessary to refresh the mind. It is very pleasant to have a chat with someone whom I meet by chance. And more, it’s wonderful if it is a beautiful young girl. One day, Autumn was in the air.

When I got up early in the morning, I saw falling red leaves from a maple tree. At the sight of that, I felt lonely as if I were in a solitary land. I was standing up staring out of the window with no other thought for a moment. Suddenly, I could not stand without going somewhere.

How can I say about those feelings exactly in words. After a while, I was sitting in the express bus to Sokcho-City. Next to me, a young beautiful girl was sitting on the window seat reading poems. Out of the window were red and yellow colored mountains - as if mountains were burning - appear then fade away.

I wondered how could I make the chance to talk with her before the bus arrived? But I could not get a chance to talk with her any words before we got off the bus. The road to Soraksan was crowded as I walked along the road lazily.

I recognized the beauty of nature and it gave me great pleasure. The clear high blue sky was dotted with fluttering birds. The wind was still, as if it was listening to their gentle singing as the colored leaves made joyous gentle sounds, like a lover’s whisper. After sightseeing around the Soraksan I came back to the express bus station in Sokcho for Seoul.

And there, it happened to me. A miracle, that I met the same beautiful girl again. That chance brought us into mutual acquaintance. We talked about many things. Sudden travel, nature, autumn leaves whispering on the roads, poems, and our lives.

We had no choice but to take a bus to come back home at that time on that season. When we got on the bus many twinkling stars suspended around the floating full moon. Our faces reflecting from the window and ran through the dark. Her eyes were closed while inclining her head on my shoulder.

I still want to travel when I am depressed. Even though everything looks the same to me, mountains, trees, flowers, birds and every stranger’s faces I see. Sometimes it happens to me a great joy with a special meeting like that. How wonderful it is that I can be a stranger to someone, somewhere!
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