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Let’s Go into the World But, Are You Ready?
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[0호] 승인 2006.06.08  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
Yi Chang-min
Junior Reporter

It is youth’s right and freedom that we travel around the world packing a knapsack. Backpacking is standing against the world freely and making your way. Backpacking!!!!! It makes our heart beat. We can see many things by traveling the places that we wanted to go. As a proverb says the frog in the well does not know the ocean. We can learn many things during a vacation.

There are advantages.

First, backpacking is free. Because our legs and arms free, travelers can go wherever they want.

Second, it is economical. Regardless of the number of fellow travelers, backpacking would save a great deal of expenses and time, even if backpacking is a somewhat difficult way to travel.

Third, it teaches us much. Especially, if our destination is Europe, it is almost true. Because we have considered Europe as developed countries for ages, the traveling itself is learning. In addition, the school supports students.

It is easy for us to go backpacking. But it still takes much time to prepare and to make reservations. Here is a wonderful web site for you!. The site’s address is You will get much information about your travel destinations.

It will also help you learn much about other countries.


Compared to other sites, this content is very characteristic. While other sites just provide information about countries, tips and travel sketches and so on, it specializes in providing the best of best information about a county, a city or a tourist route. It helps us choose a travel destination with detailed statistics and diverse investigations.

For example, the recommended museum of sex and the nude beach are very interesting.


There are preparation tips for transportation, English, communication, lodging and visa. This list provides many essential things to us. The remarkable and diverse things are in the Theme Library. The themes are about shopping, movie, art, sports and history etc. For example, it introduces cities and roads in movie.

Almost all movies are shot in America and cities and roads of America are introduced. But we will have other feelings for walking roads. In shopping, we will think over travel destinations since the famous stores are introduced. It is good that we go backpacking to place related to interests and concerns.


This site introduces more countries than other sites. It introduces 212 countries from Africa to Europe. We can also know general locations through maps. There is the city list and it standardizes the cities according to sites, vacation spots, institutions and prices.
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