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It Is More Important to Enrich the Content than to Enlarge the Size!
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[0호] 승인 2006.06.08  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
The UOS Press inquired of 100 the UOS students about their campus life in , which is published on the 26th February. There were five answer categories; the most popular answer was that “I was so busy.

I always had no time.”(31%) and the second most popular answer was that “My campus life was nomal. I did nothing special.” (27%). Others answers inculuded, “ I was drunk.”(20%), “I studied very hard.”(11%), and “I fell in love.”(11%). Although there is little meaning in the survey statistics, one interesting thing is that more than half of the respondents estimated their campus life were tossed.

Someone said they had been busy without even knowing why he or she was busy. Others said they did not know how time passed without very much accomplishment. Maybe you are planning the fresh semester with fresh feeling. Whether you are a freshman or not, you may want a new beginning. What is your plan? Do you plan for others’ idea not for you? Are you planning your life only acocording to others’ comments? Don’t misunderstand my intention.

I do not mean that a busy-life and a common-life are not great. I am just asking you, if you manage your life on your own. Let’s change. Break away from the peer pressure and manage your own lives independently.

Not only students’ life, but also the UOS administration needs enrichment this year. The UOS has developed its appearance over the last few years.

New buildings are being built up, the laboratory has new equipments and books in library are being provided. However, do you think the UOS has a real development? I am skeptical about that. In reality, few people use the expensive laboratory equipments for preserving them, and many books are left untouched, as there are not enough librarians to take care of them.

Also, kiosk box and PDP do not work yet because the responsibility has been shifting between the installer and the administrator. (Related article is on page 16 and 17) It is a new spring. I hope that everyone in the UOS focus their energy to fill up their own life. It is more important to mature the content than to enlarge the size!
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