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One Fine Day at the Art Galleries
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[0호] 승인 2006.11.14  
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There is a bus that takes youto gorgeous museumswhich are not easy to find.From 11:00am to 3:00pm and at4:30 daily in front of InSa travelbureau, a bus begins its one-daytour. As it is circulating its route,you can meet a kind and smiling driverwith gentle classical music onthe bus.

The bus fare is 1,000 Won,and you can use the bus all daywithout worrying about how oftenyou hop on and hop off.Taking the bus at 11:00 am, youarrive at GaNa Art Center inPyungChang-Dong in 30 minutes.GaNa Art Center is a multiplex culturespace appreciating various performancesand special exhibitions.

If you go through with a fine toothcomb, you can see a performanceand you can relax at the cafeamongst paintings, drawings.Admission is 3,000 Won for adults.Their permanent displays are usuallyfree but there are some exceptions.Viewing takes around one hour.

Just right next to GaNa, there isa bright red wall highlighting agallery. This is Total Gallery. TotalGallery started in JangHueng at first.This is a private gallery, the first tobe opened, in the 1970s.

The owneris a couple, Mr. Moon Sin-gue andMrs. Noh Jun-eui, constructed thisbuilding specifically for the purposesof starting the gallery. The totalgallery built privately by this coupleprovided a foundation of developmentalpower for our culture thatwas not stand on the basis. Andsoon, they opened a PyungChangbranch.

If you hope to go toJangHeung Total Gallery, take thespecial bus we know! In an hour thisbus lets you be there.If you feel unsatisfied, whydon’`t you walk up a little more toLee Ungno Museum. Calligraphyworks of renowned artist Lee, alsoknown as Ko-am. They haveapproximately 100 documentaryphotos, relics, and paintings, includingunfinished works.

Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, Lee paintedsemi-abstracts, produced abstractcalligraphy and created a series ofworks depicting crowds of people.However he is known from theDong Beak Rim incident that causedhim to be arrested and jailed for 2years. In Jail, he created works witha piece of rice or soy sauce. And achopstick was another instrument tocarve. That shows us what can happento one person who is infatuatedwith Art.

A one-day fare is 1.000Won, and it takes half an hour.The next location waiting foryou is WhanGi Museum, pride ofmuseums themselves. After thisthree galleries tour, go back to GaNaArt center. You can take a bus at2:30 pm. Getting off the bus, youwill find the sign pointing the way tothe gallery: the white wall and theporch.

That is WhanGi Gallery,named after a painter, Kim Whan-gi.Particularly, if you visit on a daythat has no exhibitions; a few peoplewho study architecture have shownin various fields. Because as a buildingitself it is very worthy as well asthe art works it houses. Charges forthe exhibition are 3,000 Won, and ittakes an hour.

Though it leaves something tobe desired, our one-day tour endswith riding the special bus. Ofcourse, more galleries are waitingfor you. InSa Art Center, DeaRimGallery for photo works, RodinGallery and so on. Fortunately thisbeautiful season, autumn has started,and if your field of vision has broadenedmore and more, just go aroundthe world of Art Galleries that clearlyshow us humanity, history, idea,rancor; everything human beingshave developed and kept.
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