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One Heart, One Mind, One ChipInterview with Dawintech Corporation Representative, Kim Gwang-sik
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[0호] 승인 2007.01.30  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
Disraeli, the British statesman, said the key to success was to see first, last and always one`s objective. If you don`t abandon your objective, it will certainly have luck on your side.

It is the same reason why Kim Gwang-sik Snr. corporation, Dawintech, receives much recognition in the ASIC(Application Specific Intergrated Circuit) field. He has followed only one path, the ASIC field, for eighteen years.

The main point of Dawintech corporation is ASIC design. Kim Gwang-sik Snr. is the representative of Dawintech corporation. He is a graduate of the Dept. of Electrical Engineering(2). In 2002, he completed an AVM in KAIST(Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology).

After working for Samsung and Korean Cadence, he has taken the role of representative of Dawintech corporation since January 1997. The semiconductor industry has long been of great importance to the Korean economy. However, there are rare members who know how to make semiconductors and how important the semiconductor`s design is.

Dawintech`s office is situated at Yangjae-dong in Seoul. Kim Gwang-sik Snr. has many memories of the University of Seoul. Cupchagi, the play that is widely liked by male students, was founded in 1982. In that time, there were few students in the UOS; moreover, the number of female students was much lower. So, most male students knew the names of the majority of female students? `East May, I went to the UOS for the Daedongje festival. I looked back on the school festivals of my time.

At that time, I drank Makkoli, unstrained rice wine, all night long? he added.

However, he does not have only romantic recollections. A dark social atmosphere and poor economic circumstances burdened him. He had a lot of financial debt because it was difficult to raise money. After a troublesome period, he is beginning a successful life as the representative of a promising corporation. Dawintech corporation has noted business connections that include LG.PHILPS LCD and Samsung SDI corporation.

It also has ambitious visions: the fastest growth within the Asian semiconductor design field, challenging in the SoC(System on Chip) field of the world market.

Kim Gwang-sik Snr. has always been studying to promote his English conversation competence. `The subject that afflicted me in school times was English. I had to retake English class because I got an He said that it is essential for us to learn English for the international stage.

He feels pity for young people who try to obtain only higher TOEIC scores to get jobs. He advised juniors to prepare by viewing life in the long term. `Design your long-term plan. The most important thing is a firm self-belief. Broaden your possibilities.?

We are expecting great things from him in the semiconductor designing field. For more questions about Kim Gwang-sik Snr., visit
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