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[0호] 승인 2007.05.07  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
In February, professor Kim Il-tae has become the faculty advisor of the UOS`s press. He teaches urban administration. In this interview, we focused on his personal life; school life and vision.

You are an urban administration professor and I heard you are involved in many of other activities, such as environmental movement. Could you tell me about the activities you are involved in? And besides, do you have any reason to accept the position as the faculty advisor of the UOS?
"I`ve joined several clubs, most of them are related to environmental movement. I also manage Ecopolis City Forum. The Forum has its object in making sustainable city, ecopolis or ecocity in which both human and nature can co-exist. We`d like to build a city to protect natural environment, control pollution and save energy. After all, we can develop environmentally friendly urban society and culture. The forum has a homepage and the address is "" If you have any interests, click on it and check us out. For your second question, I accepted the position as the faculty advisor, I`d say, because I want to contribute to develop this university. I`m looking for the way to get students?concern for The Seoul Times, JBS and The University of Seoul News."

I know you have graduated the UOS. Did you experience any club activity like GSC or school press when you were in school? Is there anything you want to say, when it comes to the university festival or event of the 70`s when you were attending the school?
"During the time that I went to the UOS, there were just a few clubs in the school. As you know, the lack of made my school life dull. I spent most of the time in school being bored. There were no special events or festivals to remember. I did not study hard, either. That has been the most regretable thing in my school years."

What is the purpose of your life, not as a professor but as a human being? What comes to your mind first?
"Actually, I spent most of my life serving the society. As I said before, I had been active in several environmental joinings and forums. So I had not have enough time for myself, as a professor. I want to change this. I`m going to devote more time on research, teaching and changing my personality to become a better human being."
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