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[0호] 승인 2007.05.07  
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Do the English quiz as if you are taking an exam. Are you ready?

1. Pigeons live in pairs, and the mates are very fond
of each other. If one of a pair should die, the other will not eat for days, and may even die of grief.
① died ② will die ③ would die ④ were to die ⑤ die

*Find the number that should be corrected.(2~4)
2. ① In the years before school, children
② spend their time at home
③ playing with toys, looking at picture books, and
④ to play games with others. These activities
⑤ were regarded as pleasant pastimes.

3. ① A : You do look nice today. B : Thank you.
② A : What would you do if you were a boy?
B : I’d be nice to girls.
③ A : Does Mi-na like music?
B : Yes, and she has a beautiful voice.
④ A : Is the woman a doctor?
B : Yes, but she talks as if she were a doctor.

4. ① She spends a lot of money on clothes.
② I have plenty of time to study for the exam.
③ My Dad has been reading plenty of books.
④ Today women have a great deal of job chances.

5. Kate is interested ( ) music.

① in ② to ③ up ④ over ⑤ from

6. After they got married, they decided ( ) in Rome.
① settle ② being settlers
③ to settle ④ to be settled

7. My brother and I go to the same school.
① We ② You ③ They ④ Those ⑤ He

8. Ice cream is probably begun in Italy. At first, snow and fruit juices were mixed together to form a water-based ice. When cream and milk were used instead of water, ice cream came into being. It soon became well known in France and England. The knowledge of how making it was brought to America early by people on sailing ships.
① make it ② to make it ③ making it how
④ how to make it ⑤ how to making it

9. A: Do you know anyone in Seoul?
B: No, but I’ll make friends once _______.

① I’ll be settled ② I’m settled
③ I had settled ④ I’ve been settled

10. A: My doctor told me I’m too fat.
B: Did you agree ________.

① to try to diet ② try to diet
③ trying to diet ④ to try diet

These questions are from English tests of Korean middle school, high school, and university.
You can compare your points with the chart.

▶ 9~10: You will be able to perfectly understand The Seoul Times.
▶ 7~8: You are a student who was wide awake during the afternoon class.
▶ ~6: You should read The Seoul Times, then you will be good at English.

1.⑤ 2.④ 3.④ 4.④ 5.① 6.③ 7.① 8.④ 9.② 10.①
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