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Why Don`t You Sweat This Summer?
Kim Jee-hee  |  jeehee99@hanmail.net
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[0호] 승인 2007.05.09  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
A graduate of UOS (University of Seoul) had always participated in rural activities for 4 years. He is a physically handicapped person. Why did he participate in rural activities? If you want to know the reason, participate during this summer.

Where are we going?
The places we are going to this summer are about 50 villages in Sansomyon, Changsugun and Chunbuk. These villages admit university students who assist in farm work for the first time because they have held a biased view of the past. So, they are very conservative. Students with dyed hair or pierced ears will be given punishment.

What are the signs of rural activities?
·Solution of farmer`s debt
·Enactment of the WTO Special Regulation ·
Enforcement Ordinance
·Revision of Cooperative Society Law
·Revision of the Agricultural Disaster Compensation Act
·A anti-American sentiment

You will know well about farm work because you have not only experienced it, but you will also experience debating society and class activities every day. And you must live within the rigid program every day. If you have been living a lazy life until now, it will make you diligent again. Also, you can become familiar with people who you go with. The summer rural activities is for ten days and the work is very hard compared to other seasons. It is natural to grow intimate with each other.
This year, the summer rural activities will depart in the middle part of July. Why don`t you sweat with us this summer?

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