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[0호] 승인 2007.05.26  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
1. What do you think about group egoism?
① Positive. It is quite true that there are many inconveniences caused by it, but their rights are as important as ours. -7%
② Negative. No profits gained. -10%
③ It is understandable, but I don`t think it is worth causing inconveniences to citizens. -80%
④ I`d indifferent about it. -3%

2. Then, what do you think about the means (for instance, strikes and etc.) that they use?
① Right decision. It is the only way to get what they want. -6%
② I understand. I don`t quite like the way, but I think it was their last choice. -70%
③ Unforgivable -20%
④ Others -4%

3. If you were under their situation, what would you do?
① I would strike too.-35%
② I would solve the matter only through conversation and avoid strikes all together. -53%
③ Solve it through my own resolution. -12%

4. For how long can you stand such inconveniences aroused by egoism group such as bus and subway strikes?
① Not even one day -26%
② Two or three days -37%
③ For one week -21%
④ As long as their requests are accommodated -10%
⑤ Others -6%

Most of the students at the UOS said that they actually understand and sympathize about the social phenomenon, `group egoism` But they think this social issue is not worth interrupting in view of people`s conveniences. Moreover, the students also understood the medium that `groups`usually used (for example, a walkout) in order to struggle for their benefits. However, many students agreed that they should differentiate strikes of common work men from that of a doctors` walkout. Recently, some people were angered by the behaviors of doctors and contended that it is against the law of nature that they had been playing with the lives of people. In addition, to the question, "If you were one of those `groups` how would you deal with it?" About 50 percent of the students said the solution of a walkout can only be through conversation. On the other hand, 35 percent of them answered they too would strike to resolve their problems.

So, it has been proved that the students are not too negative about walkouts. Some even said walkouts are the only and the last means to fight back against the government. Lastly, when students were questioned about how long can they endure the inconveniences caused by these phenomena, most of them said that up to one week is possible to bear. Nevertheless, they strongly persisted that matters concerning peoples` lives be out of the question, and there was quite a few other students who were indifferent about this matter.

In conclusion, there must be at least three harmonious conditions to settle this issue. The first condition is the groups` consideration of the citizens. The second is the citizens` attention and care for the groups, and the third is the government`s effort to find fundamental causes of problems and provide a specific means to settle them. When all three of these conditions meet together to settle our disputes, our society will be developed. It is very important for students at the UOS to participate in this process as well.
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