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Kim Ye-seul  |  yeseul@uos.ac.kr
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[0호] 승인 2007.06.21  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
There is a remarkable English lecture on `Afreeca,` an individual broadcasting website, drawing people`s attention. The title is "Teaching in a foreign school as a native Korea" given by Choi Gi-kyu (Dept. of Landscape Architecture `80). He had neither gone abroad to study English nor gotten certificates related to English.

He was just a native Korean. He realized the importance of studying English after being discharged from military service. While he was interested in conversation in English, he was great on pop music. So he developed his phonetics by himself to interpret the lyrics. He applied for a teacher`s certificate and he was issued with the certificate after studying for 16 years. Now he is a teacher at a foreign elementary school in Suwon.

Although everyday is a busy day for him, he has a passion for his English lecture. He broadcasts live three times a week: Friday, Saturday 8:30 pm and Sunday 11 am. All of his lectures are for free. He lectures with a web camera, paper and pen. There is no teaching material as the live interactive nature of lecture determines its direction.

He composes scripts in English as a conversation topic with viewers and teaches pronunciation using the phonetics technique he developed. The site has received 63,000 hits and has 4,700 frequent viewers since it started in March. Despite time differences, even students studying abroad watch the lecture.

He said, "I started the lecture to show that people can converse in English well without studying abroad and to share my phonetics technique." As frequent viewers watch with positivity, they feel English become a part of their life and they have a confidence, so they call him a `founder of religion.`

He never lectures to earn money. "I`m proud of myself as a lecturer who teaches a new way. I want to pave the way for people who have a fear of English." He added of his broadcasting, "My online courses will help you develop your English skills with the comfort of your own home, study in your spare time without commuting to class. You`ll enjoy my English world, you`ll want to know all about me. Please join me!"

His lecture is broadcast on this website: http://afreeca.pdbox.co.kr/gkyuya

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