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Find Great Pleasure in Volunteer Work
Kim Jae-hoon Reporter  |
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[0호] 승인 2007.10.29  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

Choi In-hee (Dept. of Material Science and Engineering `06) teaches a middle school student as part of her volunteer work. She used to take part in volunteer work.

Kim Mi-ri of the Dept. of Chinese Language and Literature at Duksung Women`s University goes up the steep hill, soaring to the sky after getting off subway at Danggogae, the final station on Line 4. At the top of the hill, there is a signpost: the House of Nanum. When asked is it hard to go up the hill every week, she said "It is so tough to me while wearing high-heel shoes. But I forget all difficulty when I enter the house, because many bright and active children are waiting for me." She is a Hi-teacher. Hi-teacher is one of the programs in the club `Sunny` providing orphanages with free extracurricular work. Sunny is a community that acts as an intermediary between students and institutions for volunteer work. It is supported by SK telecom.

"It is more important to continue doing volunteer work after the agreed program activity period"

"What I want to do during university life is to do volunteer work. But I don`t know where I can do volunteer work because I`ve never done it before. The moment I saw the recruiting of Hi-teacher, an opportunity was likely to come to me" said Shin Yun-seob, a Hi-teacher. In this way, the numbers of students who are doing volunteer works through the intermediary institution are increasing. You can see the many volunteer work programs at There are programs such as IT Volunteer Work, in which the worker teaches children to use computers, Happy Hospital in which the worker helps poor patients in hospital, Leisure Buddy in which the worker spends recreation time with the handicapped and so on. In addition to Sunny, the KT&G welfare foundation is also famous as an intermediary institution. You can apply for teaching low-income children swimming or extracurricular work, supplying the aged with lunch, volunteer working in foreign countries and so on. You can find more information at Intermediary institutions are gaining popularity among students. If you did volunteer work with Sunny, it can also be a good career move. When you apply for a position, the experience of having volunteered gives the employer trust in your activities. "I`m satisfied with doing volunteer work in Sunny. It will look good on my resume. Above all, the fact that I can meet students from other universities` while doing volunteer work is the best point. Actually, among Hi-teachers we are very good friends and have meetings to build relationships" said Kim Hye-ju, a Hi teacher.

Besides, most universities have introduced a credit system to compensate for volunteer work. In the University of Seoul, students can get one credit if they take a volunteer work course and do more than 35 hours of service in a semester. Ho Hyeon-ji, Dept. of Public Administration, said "I could kill two birds with one stone: gaining credits and experiencing volunteer work. Owing to the good mediation by our university, I don`t have to worry about finding a home for the old or an orphanage myself. I also have a responsibility to go to the institution every week." In this way, there are many methods of doing volunteer work apart from doing volunteer work personally.

"It is a good idea to do volunteer work through an intermediary institution or credit system. But it is more important to continue doing volunteer work after the agreed program activity period" said Kim Ahn-na, a manager at the House of Nanum, when asked what she thought of this volunteer trend. She continued to say "Actually, there are many volunteers who stay beyond their terms. They do it not because we enforce them to do volunteer work but because they want to do it." If you hesitate doing volunteer work as you don`t know where to go and what you should do, why don`t you allow an intermediate institution to challenge you?

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