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[0호] 승인 2007.10.29  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
Have you ever dreamed of a park full of perfume and stars? There, you might be able to enjoy a cup of coffee and the scent of herbs. You might be able to see the many constellations of the night sky. If so, let me invite you to the Astronomy-Herb Park.

Section 1
The subtle fragrance of herbs will delight your nose when you pass through the gates of the Astronomy-Herb Park. You might think the park is so small and neat when you first enter. It even brings up the image of a small garden. There are 32,448 plants of roughly 120 herb species including rosemary, mint and lavender around the illuminations representing the constellations.

Section 2
You can see the stars on the ground made up of 282 small lights representing many of the constellations. It was made based on an astronomical chart, so you can see the pole star, Altair, Vega and so on. You can also watch the sunrise and sunset.

Section 3
In this place, you can enjoy talking, reading a book or having a cup of coffee. Sitting on the bench, looking down, you feel so comfortable. This place was selected to be a scenic area as designated by Seoul city. You should be careful to prepare something to eat before you leave for the park as there is no store there. Don`t forget to take your trash away with you.

You can got there by subway and bus. Go to Cheonho station, line 5, exit 6. Then take bus number 300 or 370 and get off at Gildong Park stop. You should go up the hill because the garden is at the top. Don`t worry too much, it is a very low hill. Invest 10 minutes for the greater pleasure.
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