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[0호] 승인 2009.03.10  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
On March 24, the student general meeting was held in the Main Au ditorium. Since 2001 this student general meeting is the first. During 4 years there weren`t any student general meetings because there were no assembly meetings. But in this meeting, 1,764 students(21.3%) participated. First, Park Cheol-min, a movie actor, gave a speech to students on the floor to congratulate the UOS student general meeting. And that day in the meeting there were discussions on framing school regulations and making a report on closing accounts etc. But at the end of the meeting, many students left the Main Auditorium, and about 60 students like officer or staff stayed.

Newly Establishment the Dept. of Chinese Language and Literature

The Dept. of Chinese Language and Literature has been established in the College of Humanities from this semester. There are two professors; Lee Seong- hun and Luo Zengxiu. The purpose of the department is to produce graduates specializing in Chinese. Freshmen and sophomores are to study using free talking Chinese. Intensive language programs including the GLP(Global-Leadership Program), Culture Experience and so on, will be in second grade, second semester and winter vacation.

Global Internship Program Opened to All Colleges

The Global Internship Program, which previously only students of the College of Urban Sciences had been able to attend is now open to students from every college. The International Education Center announced the `2008 Global Internship Program Management Plan` based on diversifying three programs and doing away with the need for participants to be from the College of Urban Sciences. According to this plan, all college students can participate in the Global Internship Program.

Establishment of Reinforcing Working Ability Program

The Working Job and Career Development Center of the UOS brings the new Reinforcing Working Ability Program. This center will change the existing career development programs and run the new reinforcing working ability program formed of four levels. As a result of appraisal, it has come to be known that the existing programs, such as the SLP(Self-Leadership Program) and DCC (Dale Carnegie Courses) are not helpful enough in actual work preparation.
The step-by-step reinforcing working ability program will help students with everything from using course research to selecting a job, from work training to working arrangements. According to the reorganization of working support programs, CDP (Career Development Program), CAP (Career Assistance Program), a program of job experience on the campus and others, have been newly established.
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