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[0호] 승인 2009.03.10  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
There is a specialist in architecture who graduated from the UOS, his name is Kang Dae-gwon. He is now an executive director in Lotte Construction Co. NEWS@UOS asked him about his school days and listened to his thoughts.

Q : Please introduce yourself.
A : I entered the University of Seoul (UOS) in 1976 and graduated in 1980. I was in the second class of the Dept. of Architecture and also, I entered graduate school in the Faculty of business in 2002. Also, I am a vice-chairman of the graduates` association. Now, I am an executive director in Lotte Construction Co.

Q : Tell us about your job.
A : In short, I plan and execute large scale development projects. For example, the removal of Sewoon business area to increase green in the city by the Seoul Metropolitan Goverment, the alpha dorm city project(in Pangyo central business district) and building a golf driving range and a lot of `golf village` projects. I am an executive producer on these projects.

Q : What was your interest in your school days?
A : I was really interested in architecture. At that time, when I didn`t know very much about architecture, I wanted to be an architect. So, I went to a bookstore at the Cheonggyecheon to buy books about architect. I read them a lot of times. I still have those books.

Q : Did you join any clubs?
A : At the time when I was a student in the UOS, there were few students, so there were a small number of clubs. I joined the literature club because I was in the literature club in high school too. Since then there have been many changes to that club and its name has also changed.

Q : What are your fondest memories of the UOS?
A : Where the Student Hall now stands, when I was a UOS student, there were rice fields. I played there with my friends, catching frogs sometimes. Also, there was a secret entrance to Baebong hill. So, we played there too. Now, these things are all good memories!

Q : Can you introduce your company?
A : `LOVE` a society with love for all people, `Liberty` a society in which all people work with a sense of liberty, `Life` a society in which all people live a fruitfully and happily. This is the spirit of Lotte. That`s why Lotte`s trademark contains three `L`s. Lotte is a company for people. Also, with a progressive outlook, competitiveness in specialty areas and offering service to society, Lotte lances itself on to the world stage!

Q : Do you have any advice for UOS students?
A : We now live in a global-era. It`s not so important what school you graduate from, rather, look the wider world and have dream big!
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