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[0호] 승인 2009.03.11  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
Completing editing, I feel tense about the election in the University of Seoul (UOS), because there are many elections for school or clubs for 2009. Among the many elections, I am interested in the first election of the president of the student council in a decade.

The two running parties are ‘Live&’ and ‘Sidaegonggam’. Many UOS students had an interest in the election of November 21 held in the 1st Engineering Building. For this reason NEWS@UOS, UOS Press and JBS held an open debate between ‘Live&’ and ‘Sidaegonggam’. Waiting for the debate, I thought that this election is different from former elections. There were many public pledges for UOS students.

Throughout history, a very long time of peace makes decay, war, chaos, dest-ruction and ruin. For example in Europe, Rome united Europe, Africa and Central Asia. But a long peace-time made them weaken. Finally Rome split into many nations (France, Italy, Germany and so on). In Korea, the main reasons for splits that exist are irregularities and corruption among people in the ruling class. When unity exists, much wealth and long-term peace make moral hazards for the ruling class.

Sometimes competition makes us too tired. But the competition also makes us better. In the case of Samsung Electronics, in the 1970s, Korea protected trade of some items like electric rice-cookers with Japan because the level of Japanese technology was much higher than that of South Korea. South Government of Korea controlled trade. But to develop Korea’s own technology, the government, overcoming opposition to free trade, opened the domestic market. There was a hard time for Korean enterprise, as soon as the market opened. But the level of skill of Korea improved. Finally surpassing Japan, Korea enterprises like Samsung became the best in the world.

In the elections of the UOS, through many competitions, I want the elected candidate to better the UOS, and the elected party ‘Sidaegonggam’ to uphold performance their election pledges without fail. First, they have to improve the competitive power of the UOS. As the economic crisis deepens, they should freeze tuition fees increases.

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